X and y y and z x and z b. What do you notice about the following angle pairs.

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X y z w v Explain how you obtained each answer.

1.6 describing pairs of angles answer key geometry. Practice level a 1. What do you notice about the following angle pairs. The fi ve-pointed star has a regular pentagon at its center.

A square is divided by its diagonals into four triangles. Angle pair relationships answer key displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. Find the values of the indicated variables.

16 Describing Pairs of Angles Finding Angle Measures Work with a partner. Do not use a protractor to measure the angles. Describing Pairs of Angles section 16 Last modified by.

1 a b linear pair 2 a b adjacent 3 a b adjacent 4 a b complementary 5 a b vertical 6 a b adjacent 7 a b linear pair 8 a b vertical find the measure of angle b. 16 Describing Pairs of Angles continued Name _____ Date _____ Work with a partner.

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